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How to read html tags in js without getElementById

asked on 2017-08-22 04:05:08 by vick

I want to read the HTML tags with Javascript without using id/class. I know about the functionality of getElementById. But I want to know how to read HTML tags without using id or class in Javascript and not by Jquery.

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How to convert to html using php

asked on 2017-08-22 03:56:17 by lovestar

I am using tinymce editor for description. This is my html we are focused on getting result and not telling stories about ourselves <p>we are focused on <strong> getting result</strong>   and not telling stories about ourselves</p> But it is displaying as it is at the front end. How can I convert it to HTML using php? I am doing this. <p><?=$key['description'];?></p>

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